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Race Report: Nautica Malibu Triathlon, September 2013 >> Buy Amoxicillin Without Prescription LOWEST PRICES ON INTERNET GUARANTEED

This was Nautica Malibu #17 in a row for me and I dig this race! It's exactly 20 miles from my home, I train in the area often and work closely with the folks at MESP who put it on. I was hoping for a podium spot here in my new M45-49 Age Group and..well, that didn't happen. But as it will at a triathlon - lots of other great stuff did. I charged the swim and was second around the first buoy, on the feet of South Bay speedster Rick Crump. Ricks swims faster than I so he steadily slipped away and I was left with the infrequent gentle toe taps from Simon Gowen (he and I battled for the top spot in our AG back in June and just up PCH a bit in Ventura). Around the last buoy I caught a wave and slide nicely into shallow water. I stood up to bound out and my left left calf seized. I've never felt anything like that before: like a cramp but 10 times the pain and severity. I was 2nd out of the water but now hobbling in an ugly and rather slow fashion. I still managed the fastest T1 in our group but it wasn't pretty and I all I could hope for was to solve the calf issue on the bike. Once mounted it still hurt something fierce! I couldn't generate more than 240 watts without it screaming. On the descents I coasted, stood to stretch, reached through the frame to massage it but to no avail. I had two guys go by me on the bike: one was Markus Feldman (eventual winner of our group) and the other was Bill MacLeod (who started 5 min behind in the M50-54 and CRUSHED IT - won that AG and 6th OA). I limped in with the 6th fastest split in our group and stopped at my rack in T2 to take stock. In 130+ triathlons I'm most proud of this - I've never taken a DNF. I decided to walk the 4 miles. Initially it was pretty sad especially with lots of folks I know asking what was wrong or encouraging me to run with them. I was doing all I could to hold 20 min per mile, limp pace. To get out of the way on the narrow course and to avoid some attention I slipped between the cars and walked as much of the beach parking lot as I could. Later in the walk I got kinda psyched at the experience I was having - one I could experience at pace. I spoke with Chrissie Wellington for a while, I picked up trash, I cheered on Larry Wilmore (corespondent for The Daily Show) and others I saw on the run. I failed in the podium goal on the day but kept a far more important streak alive! [caption id="attachment_1195" align="alignright" width="300"]Bibs from 17 straight races in Malibu Bibs from 17 straight races in Malibu[/caption]

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