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September 22nd, 2008

The starting sound at the Malibu Triathlon is LOUD. They use a blank shot gun shell and it’s placed in a brass, micro cannon about six feet from the start line, buy Vermox from canada. When it went off on Saturday, Order Vermox from United States pharmacy, September 13 is marked the first ever Olympic distance race at this venue and it launched me into a great race that I’ll do again and again.

The ocean was glassy smooth with a small swell. I had a good start and was second at the first buoy that was placed about 150m off shore, Vermox For Sale. We turned right headed for the long, 1200m leg that parallel shore, online buying Vermox hcl. A few guys slipped by me until I found some great feet to get on and hung there for the rest of the swim. Discount Vermox, I’ve raced the 800m sprint distance tri at this location 11 years in a row and half way through the swim it dawned on me that I needed to pace myself as this race was going to be far longer and demanded a different gear. I didn’t work too hard on the swim and my time of 23 for the 1500 reflected that.

T1 was pretty typical. Vermox For Sale, There’s a long beach and transition run so the 1:40 was on the fast side of average. I used some new gear in this race and found some surprises: my XTERRA Vendetto wetsuit is great, buying Vermox online over the counter. It swims like my old Vector Pro 2 but the Vendetto melts off my legs in transition. Buy Vermox from mexico, I was shocked at easily it came off. I also used an aero helmet for the first time. More on this in a bit but I can say now that it’s a little harder to put on in T1 that my road helmet – only a second or two slower but I notice it.

The mount line and first few hundred meters of the bike course was narrow so I wound up running well past the congestion of riders who had stopped, leaned over, swung a leg and were dallying in that zone, Vermox For Sale. I did a flying mount smoothly and my feet found the shoes quickly – I was up to speed, purchase Vermox online. My PR (Personal Record) for a 40k in an Olympic distance triathlon is a :59. Vermox over the counter, I set that on a super flat course that - come to find out later - was a bit short. This Malibu course has some solid rollers in the middle and I didn’t expect much out of my time. Vermox For Sale, I kept my focus on two things: a high cadence and the proper position for the aero helmet. About that lid: my complaints are thus: it looks a bit silly, purchase Vermox online no prescription, it goes on a bit slowly, Vermox price, the sound is different due to the ear coverings, and you MUST hold your head in a craned position – looking forward the whole time in order to for it to serve its purpose. If you look down at the front axle (as I often like to do to stretch out my neck and align my spine) then the tapering tail end pokes up in the wind and is likely creating horrible drag, buy generic Vermox. I went into this race with mediocre fitness and I rolled a 1:03. Vermox schedule, I was stunned and it’s possible that the aero helmet played a roll in that – okay. I’ll suffer the complaints to ride a few minutes faster if that’s what it’s delivering.

T2 was not blistering and in 1:25 I started my run, Vermox For Sale. The 10k here is super flat and only the three 180 degree turns where there to dampen the pace. There had been a bad crash on the bike and I saw two riders taken away on back boards, is Vermox safe. I came to learn that one was in and out of seizures so they drove him to the helipad for a flight to the hospital. Cheap Vermox, The helipad is immediately adjacent to the beach path at mile 1 and 5 of the run and as I approached mile 1 the lifeguards diverted us off the concrete path and into the deep sand for 100m before returning to the normal course. Vermox For Sale, At that moment the helicopter’s rotor wash kicked up a brutal sand storm that had us all holding hats and covering up. No complaints on that distraction – the health of the athlete is all that mattered and I wished him well. At the first turn I saw David Bond a VP of product development at K-Swiss, Vermox street price. He’s a good runner and ran me down at Wildflower Long Course earlier in the year. My Vermox experience, I knew he’d pass me but I made a game out of holding him off as long as possible. I saw him again later and he had made some gains, Vermox For Sale. It was at mile 4 he pulled up along side. I gave him some words of support and tried to hang with him for a couple hundred meters before giving way, Vermox use. In the end I ran a 6:40 pace for a 41:50 and felt good. Rx free Vermox, Overall time was 2:11 and had a great experience. Interesting to note that I was 8th in my age group and 18th Vermox For Sale, overall. I think that speaks to how fast the more mature set are in this sport.

The Next Day…..

I found myself at the line for the Malibu "classic" distance triathlon. It's a sprint but a hair long for your typical sprint with 800m swim, Vermox pictures, 18mi bike and 4mi run. Vermox from mexico, This race has become a great event for first timers, there's a strong TNT contingent, there are corporate teams, Vermox maximum dosage, entertainment teams, Vermox images, relays, and celebrities too. It’s not as great for the ultra competitive age groupers as there are 3000 people in the race and that can be a lot of bodies for the speedsters to wind through on the way to their podium.

The cannon had me off in wave 8 with my fellow men 40-44, no prescription Vermox online. My plan was to go hard to the first buoy and if I felt good to stay on the gas – if I felt bad I’d just sit up and cruise through the day cheering on those who were challenging themselves with the day, Vermox For Sale. I was second to the first buoy and felt good but was shocked to see a guy in my wave who was FLYING!!. Real brand Vermox online, At a 150m he had a lead of 25m already and was killing it!!!. I tried to put in a sprint to catch his feet but he was gone and I was alone in second place. Normally, Vermox from canada, I get overtaken soon after the first turn in an event and settle into sharing the work with other swimmers that wasn’t the case here today. Vermox For Sale, Everyone else from previous waves seemed to be really wide on the course, well out to sea and I swam the buoy line without too much dodging and without another competitor form my age ground over taking. Vermox no prescription, Mid way through the swim I was certain I passed the guy who took off so quickly – not sure what went wrong there but that was an impressive start. I was out of the water with a 12:52. As I ran up the beach I heard a couple people tell me I was first out in my wave confirming what I had seen with the super swimming blowing up.

T1 was good at 1:31 and I was back in my aero helmet – hey if it works, Vermox steet value, it works. Vermox treatment, The mount line was even more crowded on this day (naturally) and again I ran a good 60+ meters beyond ‘til I found a clean spot to hop on. In years past I’ve found the bike course to be as clogged as 5th Avenue on December 20th but for some reason it was clearer on this day, Vermox For Sale. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m 40 now and starting deeper or if they reconfigured the waves for better spacing but I only had to verbally move folks over about ten times when it the past it’s been hundreds. At mile 12 the first rider to over take me did and he had "41" big and bold on his calf, about Vermox. We were on a false flat and I was going about 25 mph. Generic Vermox, He went by at ~30 and I could only watch in awe as he rolled away. Vermox For Sale, With two miles to go another rider past me with no age on his calf. I was only 5m behind him at the dismount line and we entered transition together. I rolled a 47 and felt pretty good coming off the bike.

T2 was quick at 1:25 and I was on the run, Vermox from canadian pharmacy. The run was incredibly, Where can i find Vermox online, brutally, horribly crowded. I had to twist to the side dozens of times to sneak between athletes coming and going and hop over a few cones that divided the outbound and return sides of the course, taking Vermox. At mile 1 a guy went by flying by with a big R on his calf, Vermox For Sale. I don’t mind being passed by relay runners, Vermox price, coupon, it inspires me, it's always a good wake up call. Just after the turn at mile two the same guy who passed me at the end of the bike ran by me. I noted again that he had no age on his calf and so I asked him “how old are you?” He looked back and said “39”. “God speed then” was my response. After the finish he found me in the TTS booth and said “all’s fair in love and war, I’m really 41”. Now that could be seen as a rather despicable move – I wouldn’t have done that – but the point is moot here as I was running all out at the moment and could not have responded to his pass in any way. I ran a 27 and change ~6:45pace for 3rd in my age group and 11th overall.

Coach Ian Murray


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2 Responses to “Vermox For Sale”

  1. jkmacman Says:

    i think you are ready for a half tri, yet some say olympic is the best length. i did two sprint’s and chickened out of nj state olympic

    hope to do olympic next year and half soon there after

  2. ian Says:

    Jkmacman – I do think there is magic in the olympic distance. Just this morning on my ride I was thinking about the numbers 20,40, 60 and how, for me, those would speak to the my PR in an Olympic distance: 20 min swim (I’d need to step up a bit as I’m out in 22ish consistently now), 40 min 10k (again, I’m running 41-42 so I’ve got to get to that next level) and a 60 min bike (this one is doable, I’ve been there already). 20,40,60 gives me two hours and I haven’t factored in transitions. I don’t expect to go under 2 hours but my PR stands at 2:09 from a flat race in 2000 and I just went 2:11 with a hilly bike at Malibu so I know I’ve got my best race ahead.

    You think I’m ready for a half huh? I did my first half in 1997 and have finished….oh, I don’t know..perhaps twenty or more. I think my half RP is a 4:40 at the much missed “Mike and Robs” in Ventura, CA. I’m headed to Oceanside for the California 70.3 in April of next year and I’d like to try and better that 4:40 – we’ll see!

    I hope you’ll pick out an Olympic for early next year – see if you can find one in the late spring of 2009. Committing to that will force you to step up to a new level during the winter and once you cross that finish line you’ll set yourself up for the best year of racing yet. A strong olympic finish makes you realize that a sprint distance triathlon can sometimes be considered a good workout!! All the best, Ian

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